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What is VertiMax?


VertiMax is a platform with a series of resistive bands and pulley systems working together never allowing the bands to go slack, resulting in more explosive lateral and vertical power.   VertiMax has been proven to increase vertical jump by 4.5 inches, decrease 40 yard dash times and most importantly improve first- step quickness, hitting power and agility on any playing surface; all within 8 weeks!


Is VertiMax sport specific?


No, the Ball-istic training staff provides each athlete the tools required to be competitive athletically in whatever sport they play. The training programs will include sport specific exercises to help maximize the athlete’s ability in their sport. VertiMax coupled with Ball-istic’s training programs can help athletes in any sport!


What is the “BDP”?


The Ball-istic Developmental Program (BDP) is a unique curriculum based basketball training program designed to teach players in grades 2 – 8 basketball fundamentals.


How do I sign up?


You can register, buy packages and enroll in sessions all online @ Access the schedule tab and select “schedule a session”, this will take you to the Ball-istic scheduling portal.


How can I receive a free evaluation?


All you have to do is call and get scheduled to come in.  The evaluation is a chance for our certified trainers to observe your performance and an opportunity for the athlete to experience the training.  Contact our office at (571)379-4867 to get scheduled TODAY!