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Ball-istic Ignite Fitness Program


The Ball-istic Ignite creates a workout environment that is suitable for all adults at any physical activity level.  The program will consist of three tiers, each with varying levels of intensity tailored to meet everyone’s needs.  The program will drive each individual to reach or exceed their fitness goals, along with a preparing them for the next level of training if they choose to do so.  Our goal is to make the client comfortable with exercising in a smaller group environment without the intimidation of a large-scale gym atmosphere!!


The Ignite program consists of a 1 hour routine in which clients will participate in high intensity cardiovascular exercises, strength building, stretching and core work. We will utilize the VertiMax board to increase intensity and to separate our program from other fitness programs. Each session will have pre-determined exercises focusing on strength of upper extremities, lower extremities, proprioception and full body involvement for increased cardio capacity and endurance.


 Individual Session Sessions -  $15


10 sessions -  $120


Unlimited Monthly -  $150


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