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Basketball Training


Ball-istic Developmental Program (BDP)

Ball-istic is excited to offer the “BDP”, an innovative new approach to basketball training! By signing up for BDP packages, players will receive training from the best coaches available in the area. The BDP is a curriculum based training that will teach players at each level the basic fundamentals all the way through the most advanced skills needed to be successful on the basketball court. As players prove they have mastered the skills required of their assigned level, they will get rewarded with a promotion to the next level and continue to increase basketball IQ as they chase their goal to become an Elite Player.



  • Beginners to the game



  • Intermediate skilled players




For those players who are more advanced in skill level looking to take their game to the next level, Ball-istic offers the Higher Level Training program. In this series of instruction, players will learn skills necessary to compete at the highest level of basketball. Some of these skills include:


  • Building Game IQ
  • Goal Generated
  • Advanced Skill Work
  • Game Concepts / Breakdowns
  • Drill to Game Application




  • Unlimited- (3month commitment)- $225/month - Best Value
  • 12 sessions -  $250  ($20.83 per session)
  • 8 Sessions -  $200  ($25 per session)


Private Shooting Instruction


  • 30 Minute Shooting Instruction - $40
  • 60 Minute Shooting Instruction - $60
  • 6 pack of 60 Minute Shooting Instruction (individual athlete) - $324
  • 6 pack of 60 Minute Shooting Instruction (2 athlete family) - $ 525

Open Training


For those who don’t want to participate in the Ball-istic packages, we also offer open training. This session costs $60 per hour which includes one on one training with some of the best coaches available.


  • $60/hour
  • No commitment


Court Rental


  • Team Rental
  • $80 per hour


  • Open Court

$10 per person, 1 hour court rental


Dr. Dish Rentals


  • $30/ 30 min
  • $50/ 1 hour