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NCAA Recruiting


Ball-istic is excited to announce its partnership with Athlete YOUniversity to provide a top of the line college scholarship placement service. Ball-istic owner, Kris Kellogg has been working with Athlete YOUniversity and has become an NCAA Certified College Recruiting Coordinator.


Athlete YOUniversity teams up with college coaches to find you scholarships while providing you with a customized search that allows you to choose where you would like to play, your major of emphasis, the college division and college size. Our team of recruiting coordinators will assist you in collecting your data, targeting specific colleges and contacting those coaches to express your interest to play for that college.


Our recruiting coordinators provide assistance for all male and female sports in Division I, II, III, NAIA, and Junior colleges.


With Athlete YOUniversity and Ball-istic, your dream to play at the college level can become a reality. Contact Kris Kellogg today for further details. 703-217-2483