Building One Explosive Athlete at a Time!


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Speed & Agility


Flexibility Agility Speed & Strength (FASST)


Utilizing the cutting edge VertiMax machines, clients will:

  • Improve your 40
  • Increase your vertical
  • Develop first-step explosion
  • Increase your strength and endurance
  • Develop agility speed
  • Learn to properly decelerate
  • Learn techniques for sports injury prevention


Unlimited- (3month commitment)- $240/month

Best Value


12 sessions -  $405  ($33.75 per session)


8 Sessions -  $280  ($35 per session)


Ball-istic is proud to introduce their top of the line, non-sport

specific athletic program “FASST”. This unique program

focuses athletes resulting in improved foot speed, ability to

quickly change direction, and increased reaction to visual cues.

Gaining strength, running fast, and improved cutting

techniques are the essential steps to boosting speed and agility.  FASST uses a state of the art VertiMax platform system to challenge the athlete while working on both mechanical and fundamental skills for overall technique improvement.  Successfully employing these methods for the past seven years, FASST will continue to “build one explosive athlete at a time” and push athletes to their limits, helping them reach their goal of getting to the next level of athletic ability.


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