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Marty Peters

Veteran of the United States Marine Corp


Owner of FASST Athletic Training from 2007 to present.


Bachelor of Science in Sports and Recreational Management


Certified Speed & Agility Trainer


Based on his background of being a marksmanship instructor in the Marine Corps and a passion for wanting to see the youth achieve their athletic goals, Marty started his athletic training company called FASST in 2007.  He has always believed that every athlete has a threshold, and the building process for improvement begins when that threshold is reached.  Knowing that young athletes sometimes lack personal fortitude, he inspires them with motivation to push in order to succeed.  Marty has successfully participated in the training and improvement of over 1,000 athletes and had the pleasure of watching them grow in their sport.  Many of the athletes are still actively playing to include those currently playing at D1, D2, and D3 colleges.  Marty is well respected in the Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania area for having touched the lives of so many kids.  He plans to bring that same type of training and leadership to the Prince William area in hopes of helping as many athletes as possible, and is excited to lead Ball-istic Sports Training and Fitness to becoming the number one training facility in the NOVA area.